Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Oracle meet IBM at the LJCOpenConference

The LJC Open Conference last Saturday was the best! We had 75 people and a packed agenda with talks ranging from the "Java Roadmap" through to "The Diabolical Developer". Martijn Verburg, captured below, was the diabolical developer:

And he was, in fact, awesome...and very diabolical.

Steve Elliot from Oracle and Steve Poole IBM answered questions on their future together in Java:

It's still early days and the LJC organisers clearly thought it was prudent to separate the Steves with Martijn and Ben - although I'm not sure if they were worried about them getting too friendly or the reverse. Nice touch to have coordinated the names though - if you want become a contribute to the OpenJDK being called 'Steve' looks like a good first step.

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