Wednesday, 10 November 2010

ApacheCon Atlanta

So that was my first ApacheCon - if you don't count the one in Dublin at which I drank far too much Guiness and decided on a career change which took me on a slightly circuitous route through  PHP  and back to Apache again.

It was a pretty amazing conference all round - great to meet Lin Sun, Jarek Gawor, Kevan Miller and others from IBM. Also great to meet new Apache people  - and catch up with the ones I already knew.

AWESOME that IBM is a gold sponsor of the ASF - well done whoever made that happen!

As usual I learned a lot about technology - Kevan had a nice slide explaining which other Apache projects are used in Geronimo - I had no idea.  I do like this philosophy - no need to re-invent wheels when there are Apache projects which provide spokes, hubs, rims and tyres.

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