Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Running the Aries samples on Apache Geronimo

The Aries samples, which demonstrate the use of Enterprise OSGi components, also run on Apache Geronimo.

To run the samples, get the Geronimo V3-M1 release from here. Either the one based on Tomcat or Jetty will do.

Extract it and change directory to geronimo-jetty8-javaee6-3.0-M1 (or geronimo-tomcat7-javaee6-3.0-M1)

I found it useful to change the default http port from 8080 to something else (I have too many things that use 8080). To do this, edit the file ./var/config/

 Grab these pre-reqs (may not be needed in the next Geronimo release):
 And the two versions of the Aries blog sample:
Start the Geronimo server,

./bin/geronimo run

to run in the foreground. In a different window, from the same directory, deploy the pre-reqs:

./bin/deploy -u system -p manager deploy tranql-connector-derby-embed-xa-1.6.rar aries-datasource.xml

Then deploy one or other version of the blog sample (but not both :-))

./bin/deploy -u system -p manager deploy

Navigate to http://localhost:XXXX/blog where XXXX is your HTTP port and check that the blog is running.

Navigate to http://localhost:XXXX/console and log in, uid 'system' , pwd 'manager'. Use the menu under Applications-> System Modules to start, stop, uninstall the blog sample.

More extensive documentation can be found here.

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