Friday, 29 May 2009

PHP TestFest - one more month to go!

Groups from all over the world have contributed 554 new tests for PHP since April 1st 2009. Of these, 327 have already been moved into PHP's CVS (thanks Felipe!). The results of running tests on a Linux 32 bit platform can be seen here (sorry about the colour scheme), the user groups who have contributed are also listed. We also run the tests on a 64 bit Linux platform here, but this only runs PHP5.3 and PHP5.2.

I also ran some coverage tests recently to try and work out how much of a difference we were making overall. This turned out to be far more problematic than I had thought it would be. The main issue was one that Felix had already found, ccache and lcov do not coexist happily. It turns out that there is a check for this in the php configure script - but unfortunately the debian way of installing ccache is simply to link it to gcc, which by-passes the check in configure. Oh well.

The before TestFest coverage data shows an overall line coverage of 70.4%, a run from the 28th May shows a line coverage of 72.3% in total. There are minor differences in the number of lines but I think this is to be expected. It's interesting to look at the areas where I know groups have been concentrating their efforts - for example the line coverage of ext/ldap has increased 8.5% to 89.1%! Check curl, date, dom, ftp, gettext, intl, posix, reflection, sockets, spl, sqlite3, xmlwriter and xsl for other TestFest related increases in coverage.

I'll rerun the coverage tests regularly in future. I should perhaps mention that I know that ext/imap statistics are missing and that's because we don't yet have the ability to run the ext/imap tests on the system that is being used for TestFest. I will fix this in the next week or so - if you see anything else that doesn't look right please email me and I'll fix it, or better still, email :-)

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